This is a Research & Development project. It addresses the quality of educational research published in the refereed Arab educational journals. It evaluates the format, scientific content, and procedural aspects, through a comparative analysis with the international literature, based on selected quality criteria.

Policies for publication in journals

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Policies and Procedures for publication in the Refereed Arab Educational Journals


Researchers, Academicians and Editors in chief of educational journals from Arab Countries.


  • Describes and analyzes the characteristics of scientific educational journals published in the Arab world.
  • Compares publication policies and guideline in the Arab educational journals with their international counterpart, through reviews of the publications policies and guidelines and their implementation.
  • Compares the extent to which announced publication criteria are implemented in Arab and International journals.
  • Propose policies and guidelines in line with international publication criteria with the purpose of improving the quality of Arab educational publication.
  • Present the project reports and proposed model in a sub-regional workshop (addressed to the Arab Gulf States and to some Middle Eastern countries) to discuss the findings and the potential adoption of the proposed policies and procedures aimed at improving the quality of the Arab educational publication.