About Us


Shamaa provides specialists and stakeholders free internet access to the educational studies produced in the Arab countries, as well as those available through international organizations with whom Shamaa has concluded cooperation agreements. Shamaa also welcomes submissions by researchers on education in the Arab countries produced worldwide. It indexes peer-refereed articles, Master theses and PhD dissertations, books, reports and conference proceedings dated 2007 onward in Arabic, English and French. The database includes bibliographic information, abstracts and, when available, the full text of educational studies


Shamaa aspires to be a main reference for researchers and others concerned with educational knowledge, in its capacity as a database that documents all sorts of scholarly work on education produced in the Arab countries and by Arab researchers.


  1. Document all scholarly educational works published as of 2007 in the Arab countries in Arabic, French, and English, also documenting studies dealing with education in the Arab countries, though not published in the Arab region, and studies produced by international organizations with whom Shamaa has cooperation agreement.
  2. Disseminate information on educational work and make it available to researchers, faculty members, university students, and all those concerned with educational matters.
  3. Facilitate the review of educational research, allowing the accumulation of educational knowledge, innovation, and improvement of teaching, learning, research practices and of decision-making in education.
  4. Facilitate networking among researchers, organizations, universities, professional associations, individuals, and others working in the education fields.
  5. Contribute to the clarification of concepts and technical terms used in educational literature, through the production of an educational thesaurus and updating it periodically.
  6. Promote the culture of documenting educational literature in the Arab World as well as the use of databases.

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