This project seeks to review and analyze Arab educational research that was published over the period of six years (2010 – 2016), to identify research trends as shown in Arab periodicals, as well as the challenges and opportunities of educational research in the Arab region. It also aims at presenting the results of these reviews and engages professionals and members of editorial boards that are involved in the publication process of research in discussions to identify future prospects.

Knowledge Production: The Case of Educational Research


Educational Researchers, members of editorial committees of Arab educational periodicals, the chairs and the deans of education departments and colleges.


  • Describes the main characteristics of the knowledge production process in educational studies, through a descriptive study of Arab educational journals from source to commitment to rules, frequency and other publishing issues.
  • Analyzes and evaluates the quality of educational studies published in refereed Arab educational journals through reviews of articles covering key research domains based on internationally acknowledged quality criteria.
  • Reviews and analyses the methodology adopted in a sample of articles published in Arab and foreign educational journals.
  • Analyzes the trends of scholarly Arab educational publishing and explores the challenges that are facing Arab educational research journals.
  • Raising the issues of educational research among the educational research community in the Arab countries through interviews, workshops and publication of project outcomes.