Capacity Building

Capacity Building

Developing the Capacities of Graduate and Post-Graduate Students in Faculties of Education in the Arab Countries

Shamaa’s project aims to develop the capacity of graduate and Doctoral students in educational research methodology and documentation in a number of Arab universities.


The workshops target Master and PhD students who are at the beginning of the research process in Faculties of Education in Arab universities.


This workshop aims to develop students’ skills on:

  • Selecting the appropriate databases and searching for relevant references for their thesis/ dissertation research.
  • Citing their sources and presenting their references lists while following standardized citation style.
  • Preparing for and writing a review of relevant literature.
  • Preparing a synopsis of their thesis/ dissertations and selecting adequate keywords to describe its main content


The workshop also aims to introduce the participants to the concepts of author’s copyright and intellectual property. The ultimate aim is to ensure that the students have the skills needed to avoid plagiarism and to learn about their rights and responsibilities as authors and knowledge producers.

Training package

In order to ensure continuation and sustainability of the impact of this project, Shamaa offers the participating Faculty a package that includes training resources and offers a training of trainers’ session for librarians.

Shamaa Award

At the end of each workshop, Shamaa presents an award for the best student participant in the training. The Award includes covering the participation fees in a regional conference on education for the winner.