The Arab Educational Information Network (Shamaa) is an online database that documents educational research carried out in Arab countries in all fields of education, in the three languages, Arabic, French and English, providing free access to researchers and those interested in educational research. Shamaa collects educational bibliographic data on books, articles, reports and university dissertations (master's and doctoral) from universities, colleges of education, research centers, publishing houses, journals, ministries and regional and international organizations in the Arab world. Bibliographic reports and abstracts are then prepared and in some cases full texts are made available.

Become A Partner

A Shamaa partner is any college of education that grants a master's and/or doctoral degree.
Members of the academic teaching staff of partner colleges (as well as Department Heads and the Dean of the college or institute) benefit from the following services:  

  1. The full text of any educational study which is not available online but available in the Shamaa printed collection.
  2. Lists of authors of studies and supervisors of master's theses and dissertations available at Shamaa, sorted according to their specialization, as an aid to partner colleges looking for reviewers and referees for studies by their professors or searching for supervisors from outside their institution.
  3. Opportunities for participation in conferences and seminars organized by Shamaa.
  4. Listing of the periodical published by the college (if such exists) on the Shamaa website.
  5. The name of the college will appear as a partner member on the Shamaa website together with a link to the college's website.

Requirements for becoming a Shamaa partner

  1. An application request must be filed subject to approval by the Shamaa administration.
  2. The college will commit to providing Shamaa with bibliographical data and abstracts of master's theses and doctoral dissertations in accordance with the format set by Shamaa.
  3. A schedule for the implementation of point 2 on a regular basis will be set in agreement between Shamaa and the partner college.
  4. The college will appoint a member of its teaching staff to be the liaison officer between Shamaa and the college.
  5. The college will provide Shamaa with the full text of dissertations and theses in electronic form as a PDF file.

A partnership agreement will be signed between Shamaa and the interested college, subject to modification upon the desire of both parties.