Shamaa in Conferences

Shamaa has participated since it was founded in 2006 in a number of regional and local activities, seminars and conferences. It endeavors to continually interact with the Arab educational community through participating in new activities and events.

Kuwait International Fair

Kuwait – November, 2012

Shamaa's Presentation: The challenges facing the construction of a non-profit database in the Arab world. The 34th Annual Conference of the European Association of Middle East Librarians - MELCom 34

Paris - 2012

Shamaa’s participation in the Fourteenth Annual Science and Math Educators Conference (SMEC 14)

AUB, Beirut, Lebanon - March, 2012

Beirut International Arab Book Fair

BIEL - 2011

Workshop: Towards developing a learning innovation network, organized by the Center for Continuing Education, BirZeit University, Palestine, and the Ford Foundation.

Sharm El Sheik, January 2011

The 21st Annual Conference of the Arab Federation for Libraries and Information (AFLI): The Arabic Digital Library: Necessity, Opportunities and Challenges

Beirut, October 2010

Workshop: Electronic databases and their role in developing research in the social sciences, organized by the Middle East Research Program and the Ford Foundation.

Tunis, July 2010

Workshop for those responsible for higher education in Iraq, organized by the U.N. Support Group for Reform of the Educational System in Iraq.

Amman, February 2010

Regional Seminar on Bridging the Digital Gap through the Integration of Information and Communication Technology in Scientific Management, organized by the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

Damascus, July 2009

The Arab Regional Conference on Higher Education, organized by the UNESCO Regional Bureau in Beirut.

Cairo, May - June 2009

Regional Workshop, organized by the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (Asia and Oceania).

Beirut, April 2009