Submit to Shamaa

Criteria for submission

  1. Date of Publication: The date of publication must be subsequent to 1st of January, 2007.
  2. Place of Publication: The documents should be studies in the field of education produced and published in the Arab countries. Shamaa also accepts submissions by researchers on education in the Arab countries produced worldwide.
  3. The Publisher: The publisher may be a publishing house, a center, a ministry, a university, a college, etc...
  4. Publishing Medium: Paper or electronic.
  5. Language of Publication: Documents published in any of three languages: Arabic, English or French.
  6. Subject of the Publication: The subject may be any topic within the field of education and teaching related to any types, courses, stages and target groups.
  7. Type of Document: The document may be an article in a journal, a book, a chapter in a book, a master's thesis, a doctoral dissertation or a report.
    • Articles in journals: The journal must be an academic peer reviewed journal. Articles in newspapers and weekly magazines or in journals featuring stories and short articles of general educational interest do not qualify.
    • Books: All types of published books with the exception of: school textbooks and related teachers' manuals; advertising publications and brochures; directories of institutions and catalogues of universities.
    • A chapter in an edited book: The chapter shall be documented and an entry form shall be drawn up for the book as a whole.
    • Theses: Master's theses or their equivalent which qualify as pre-doctoral pre-requisites doctoral program qualify for entry; however theses presented at a sub-doctoral level to Faculties of Specific Education or Physical Education do not qualify.
    • Doctoral dissertations: All doctoral dissertations dealing with educational subjects, regardless of which faculty they have been completed in.
    • Reports: To be documented are reports issued by ministries of education and governmental as well as non-governmental agencies about the Arab World, both published and unpublished, Arab and non-Arab, as well as annual educational statistical reports prepared by governments and institutes of higher education.