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Shamaa provides specialists and stakeholders free internet access to the educational studies produced in the Arab countries, as well as those available through international organizations with whom Shamaa has concluded cooperation agreements. Shamaa also welcomes submissions by researchers on education in the Arab countries produced worldwide. It indexes peer-refereed articles, Master theses and PhD dissertations, books, reports and conference proceedings dated 2007 onward in Arabic, English and French. The database includes bibliographic information, abstracts and, when available, the full text of educational studies


Shamaa aspires to be a main reference for researchers and others concerned with educational knowledge, in its capacity as a database that documents all sorts of scholarly work on education produced in the Arab countries and by Arab researchers

Cooperating Experts

The Cooperating Expert is a member of the Shamaa family. He may be an academic or someone who works in the field of education. He might be a head of a section or a dean or professor. He could be a specialist in information and documentation or in charge of a library ...

He is someone who has espoused the founding idea behind Shamaa and been convinced by the services it renders to educational research and the Arab educational community in general. He feels he has the capability and is in a position to help his institution and colleagues and contribute to this pioneer Arab project.

He is someone who has expressed his readiness to offer such a contribution and make use of his competence and relations to offer suggestions to Shamaa, and to review and provide Shamaa with educational documents and summaries. He takes occasion to introduce his colleagues and students to Shamaa, and explains to them how to benefit from the project.

Mr. Jamal Abdul-Karim Al-Alwchi

Mr. Jamal Abdul-Karim Al-Alwchi currently supervises the National library within the framework of the Iraqi National Library and Archives. He formerly served as Head of the Periodicals Section, and of the Relations Section in the Iraqi National Library, and then as Director of the library.

He graduated from the College of Arts, Department of Information and Library Science, at the University of Mustansiriyah, Iraq. He has attended several training courses at the College for Languages at the University of Bagdad, one of which was a speed reading course. He is a member of the Iraqi Federation of Publishers. He has written a number of articles published in Iraqi newspapers relating to libraries as well as to the history and heritage of Iraq.

Mohamed Ibrahim El Desokey Ali

Dr. Mohamed El Desokey is currently head of the Instructional Technology Department at the Faculty of Education, University of Helwan. He has occupied the post of Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Education at the University, and was a member of the National Committee for Developing the Faculties of Education in Egypt. He was also appointed Vice-President of the Professional Academy of Teachers in Egypt, and was assigned to the position of cultural attaché of Egypt in Uzbekistan from 1999 to 2002.

Dr. El Desokey participated in developing and implementing the training program for teaching staff at Egyptian universities, and he refereed numerous research works posted for promotion to the rank of Professor and Assistant professor in Egypt and outside. He also discussed and supervised more than 200 Master's and Doctoral theses at Egyptian and Arab universities.

He is a member of numerous specialized scientific associations including the activity committees of the Egyptian National Commission for UNESCO.

Ms. Olga Ayoub

Ms. Olga Ayoub is the current Associate Library Director of the Issam Fares Library Learning Center, and a Lecturer in the Faculty of Library and Information Studies at the University of Balamand.

She previously served as the Head of Serials and Electronic Resources at the American University of Beirut for eight years, where she managed the major shift from print to electronic for serials and books in all its aspects. Mrs. Ayoub pursued her Master in Library and Information Science from Wayne State University in Michigan.

Mrs. Cendrella Habre

Mrs. Habre is the University Librarian at the Lebanese American University. Previously she held several positions, namely, Director of Riyad Nassar – Beirut Campus (LAU) for 4 years, Systems Librarian (LAU) for 10 years, Automation Librarian at the Jafet Library, American University of Beirut, Information Specialist at AISG (New York, NY), and Cataloger at Brooklyn Public Library (Brooklyn, NY).

She is currently pursuing her Executive MBA degree at LAU, and has previously earned an MLS from Pratt Institute (Brooklyn, NY) and a BS in Library and Information Science from the Lebanese University, and has also attended the Frye Leadership Institute in 2007. Mrs. Habre serves on several committees at LAU related to accreditation, strategic planning and libraries and Information Technology and is a member delegate of the OCLC Europe and Middle East Regional Council.

Formerly, she chaired the American International Consortium of American Libraries (AMICAL) Coordinating Committee. Mrs. Habre speaks and publishes on topics such as library automation, library management and leadership, and new learning spaces.

Dr. Fadi El-Hage

Born in Aley (Lebanon), on September 3rd 1968, Fadi El-Hage is the Dean of the Faculty of educational sciences at the Université Saint-Joseph (Saint Joseph University) since September 2012. He is also the director of the Research Unit of the faculty since 2007. He was, up until 2012, consecutively Director of Studies since 2006 then Vice-Dean since 2010.

Fadi El-Hage holds a Ph.D. in educational sciences from the Université de Montpellier II. He is also a lecturer, university professor, teacher trainer, director of theses and researches in educational sciences and a member of several scientific associations.

His areas of expertise are didactic of science, health education, teacher training and education consulting.

Dr. Soheir Hewala

Dr. Soheir Hewala is Dean of the Institute of Educational Studies and Research at Cairo University, and President of the Board of Directors of the Journal of Educational Sciences and its editor in chief.

She is also President of the Board of Directors of the Center for Educational Services, Psychological Guidance and Professional Development for Teachers. She holds a Master's in Education from Alexandria University in Egypt and a Ph.D in Education from the University of London. Dr. Hewala is a member in various scientific societies, committees and organizations including the Regional Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education in the Arab World within UNESCO.

She is currently a member in the Educational Research Sector Committee in the Higher University Council and in the Education Committee in the Higher Cultural Council in Egypt.

Dr. Haytham Kotob

Dr. Kotob is a professor at the Lebanese university, faculty of education and at the Doctoral School of Literature, Humanities & Social Sciences. He previously served as the director of faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and of the "Higher Institute for Languages and Translation" at the Islamic University of Lebanon.

Dr. Kotob received his doctorate degree in Linguistics from the University of Franche-Comté in Paris where he previously earned his post-graduate diploma in Computerized Bibliography. Dr. Kotob is a visiting professor at a number of universities, including the University of Lyon II in France and the University of Aleppo in Syria, and, in 2010, he prepared a workshop for Public school principals in Lebanon.

Mrs. Racha Farouk Majzoub Yehya

Mrs. Racha Farouk Majzoub Yehya is the Assistant Librarian at the Central Library of the Neelain University, within the deanship for libraries. She has occupied many posts in the university including librarian in several libraries including the Central Library, the Graduate Library, the Engineering Library, the Library of the Faculty of Science and Technology and the Library of the Faculty of Optics.

She was also Head of the Acquisitions Department, and Vice-Head of the Indexing and Classification Department. She holds a bachelor in documentation and library science from Omdurman Ahlia University and a Master's from Omdurman Islamic University. She has participated in several training courses inside and outside of the Sudan including participation in the Conference on Digitizing the Memory of the Arab World.

Dr. Khaled Al-Sarairah

Dr. Khaled Al-Sarairah works since 2010 as Assistant professor in the Department of Administration and Leadership in Education in the Faculty of Educational Sciences at the Middle East University and as Director of its accreditation department. He holds a doctorate in Educational sciences which he received in 2005 from the Amman Arab University.

He previously worked as Assistant professor in the classroom teacher department at Isra University, and as assistant professor and consultant at the Arab Group for Education. He was also Director of Mu'tah Journal for Research and Studies and a member of the editorial Board of several scientific and cultural journals.

He has several published research works in the educational sciences in general and educational administration in particular. He has also published many articles in cultural journals. His research interests include academic accreditation, quality assurance, administrative behavior and management information systems.